Episode 8: Matt Davey from 1Password

For episode 8, we met with Matt Davey of 1Password, a favorite app of the Remote Work Podacast team. Matt is the COO (Chief Operations Optimist) of the all-remote security company that’s been in operation for over a decade.

Job and Matt discuss 1Password’s unique history with family plans, their unique culture (including their creative business titles), and the merits (or lack thereof) of video calls.

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Episode 7: Michael Leibovich from Abstract

A remote-first company, Abstract employs nearly 100 employees throughout the U.S., and roughly 70% of them work remotely. Part of what makes the company’s remote-work philosophy unique, however, is their focus on expanding on and fostering company diversity and talent.

Join us as Job and Michael dive deeper into that motivation as well as Abstract’s approach to building a strong team dynamic and finding ways to bond with your remote coworkers.

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Jenny Shen: Remote UX designer

It’s been a while, but we’re back! A lot has happened in the past months. I transitioned from working at GitLab to now running Remote.com. But none of that for now, as I’ve recorded this interview with Jenny in September last year.

More episodes are coming up soon, though! We have about eight recorded and will be releasing them over the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Jenny Shen is a Remote UX/product designer, strategist, speaker, consultant and mentor. She joined me to talk about working across countries as a designer.

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4: Challenges with remote work, with special guest Brendan O'Leary

Yes, we’re back! I am now writing to you as a dad of a small baby girl, that was born early and gave me and Carla some stressful nights and days. But all is well now and we’re getting rolling again! This episode and next were recorded several months ago, from episode 6 on, we’re back in the present time. Expect episode 5 in less than this six-month hiatus!

But first, this episode:

Brendan O’Leary is Manager, Professional Services at GitLab and has a house full of kids. He’s also an incredibly enthusiastic, kind and smart guy. It was a pleasure to speak with him about his job, life and some of the challenges of remote work he has faced. Hope you enjoy our conversation.

1: Why remote work?

To kick off the Remote Work Podcast, Carla joins me to discuss what remote work is, and especially answer why remote working is something to discuss at all. 

It's terrifying to publish a first of something. There are a million things I want to have done differently or better, but a first step has to be made and I'm happy this is it.

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